【Japan】**Spoiler Alert — 6 Benefits of Holding An Overseas Wedding in Japan!

One of my besties held an overseas wedding in Japan last month and I was invited there. We really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. Today, I want to list out six of the main benefits I have discovered. If you are interested, please watch on!

Benefit No.1

There is a great variety of options to choose from!

Places like Okinawa, Tomamu, Karuizawa, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo are very popular and frequently visited by tourists all over the world. There is an unique theme and uniform style among churches of each district.

To better illustrate, examples are as follows.

  • Okinawa is completely overwhelmed by azure sky and blue sea, as well as long beaches. The ‘ Glass’ element is often used in the design of churches. Together with the touch of ‘white’, a dreamy and romantic outlook of church is finished.
  • Churches in Karuizawa are rather cool. What you read is what I am trying to say. They are cool kids’ choices.
  • If you prefer an elegant and grand style, Osaka will be a good choice.

FYI, the famous Stone church and Kogen Church are located here.

  • Kyoto, Tokyo are close to the city centre, which are known for their convenience.

Benefit No.2

It is economic, not costy at all.

Holding an overseas wedding is absolutely worths the money.

Why am I saying so?

It’s because of two reasons.

Firstly, there are plenty of wedding packages provided by companies for you to choose from. Very often, they have already included the troublesome but essential things you have to prepare in a wedding, such as the wedding rundown, renting gowns and suits and the recording of the ceremony.

Secondly, the flight tickets are always on sale. Just keep tracking on the advertisements you can save money!

Benefit No.3

Quality service!

My friend is literally a beauty queen.( Me too of course, we used to be obsessed with Mean Girls)

She said the Japanese makeup artists are of high quality, who fulfilled all her ridiculously picky demands.

Benefit No.4

Beautiful views!

People love to admire the Sakura. During cherry blossom season, we can see lots of young tourists are taking photos in front of blossoms. Also, the historic and antique temples are famous tourists’ spots too. You can take s stack of gorgeous wedding photos here having the fantastic views as backgrounds.

Benefit No.5

Japan is an apt destination for honeymoon!

For relaxing, having hot springs can definitely sooth you from daily stress. There are also lots of couple activities you can sign up to enjoy your time together.

You can do some shopping here. Cosmetics stores are spawning everywhere, you can get whatever you want in this shopping heaven.

Benefit No.6

High familiarity!

People nowadays love travelling to Japan. Hence, you guys may be very familiar with this place already. You can be worriless when holding an overseas wedding in a place you are familiar with. You have known about the transportation there, you are clear about the currency, you regconise the streets and routes so you will not get lost.

That’s pretty much it. These are only some of my thoughts, may not be well rounded enough. They are convincing though, aren’t they?

Your Overseas Wedding 以細膩心思與熱誠態度,在遍佈全球的浪漫熱點,為您們締造最難忘甜蜜的海外婚禮及婚照拍攝回憶。不論是日本、關島、韓國、峇里、澳洲、泰國、布拉格、希臘、夏威夷、上海、香港及澳門,我們的當地專業攝影師以美學角度為新人拍攝浪漫獨特的婚照,令新人深深感受當地文化。我們於拍攝後亦更會提供所有高解像度照片,沒有額外收費,讓新人盡享美麗浪漫回憶。

本公司為韓國觀光公社及關島觀光局的支持機構,亦曾與泰國政府旅遊局舉辦多項婚禮推廣活動,其後更榮獲澳洲旅局頒發「澳洲旅遊專家」之殊榮。此外,我們也獲得香港生產力促進局與ESDlife「優質婚禮商戶」之嘉許,並榮獲婚禮雜誌「新婚通訊」頒發的新人至 Like 海外婚禮大獎,讓新人可放心把婚照拍攝及海外婚禮交給我們統籌。

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