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Thinking of shooting overseas pre-wedding photos? It is no surprise that many celebrities chose Australia as their best venue for wedding photography recently. For example the famous Hong Kong celebrity Shawn Yue and his girlfriend Wang Xiaoyun went to Australia to have their pre-wedding photos shooting. Take the very first glimpse of their wedding photos, all we can see is the green scene, rocks and the jewel-like blue sky, which is filled with warmth and tranquillity. Sydney is a vibrant place with spacious lawns, distant mountains and blue sky. Our professional photographers can capture newlyweds’ most beautiful and unforgettable moment in Sydney. Here are some popular pre-wedding photo attractions in Sydney listed below:

Attraction 1: St. Mary’s Cathedral

The beautiful and magnificent churches are indispensable for weddings. In Australia, St. Mary Cathedral, which is just next to Hyde Park, is the largest church in Sydney, Australia. It is totally different from the pure white church we saw before: the exterior design of the church is like Gothic architecture style; the wall is in red orange color which is well-matched with towers and gorgeous carved glass. It is no wonder that this extraordinarily spectacular church is always favoured by many newlyweds, shooting their most beautiful wedding photos.


Address: St Mary’s Road & Prince Albert Road, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia

Attraction 2: Little Bay

When it comes to pre-wedding photography destinations, the very first thing which pop into our mind is, of course, church. In addition to the aforementioned historical St. Mary’s Cathedral, the Little Bay Church is also one of the most historic churches in Sydney too. The colourful stained glass behind the altar is exceptionally exotic and beautifully designed. On the white beach of Little Bay, many characterized rocks lying there and Little Bay is just like a paradise-like hub, which is the best place for pre-wedding photo shooting.


Address: Corner of Pine Avenue and Lister Avenue, Little Bay, New South Wales, Australia 2036


Attraction 3: Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House

What is the renowned landmark and most popular tourist attraction in Sydney? Well, it must be the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge, obviously. Why are they so special and attractive? The Harbour Bridge is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world. If you shoot your pre-wedding photos under this bridge, it symbolises that your marriage will always full of love, stability and enthusiasm, just like this high and stable bridge. On the other hand, the Opera House is one of the youngest world heritage sites and if it is your wedding photos’ background, it will permeate the exotic and romantic atmosphere.


Address: Bennelong Point, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia

Attraction 4: Theme Park ‘Luna Park’

Back in the days, we are children who always smile and laugh without any worries. Standing in front of this colourful and glamorous theme park, it symbolises our marriage will always be joyful and we care each other sincerely.


Address: 18 Lower Esplanade. St Kilda VIC 3182

Attraction 5: Nature – Lake, Park and Blue Mountain

When both of you dressed in a wedding gown and wedding dress, sitting on a small boat, you will have the best pre-wedding photos with breathtaking lake view which is just like a paradise. On the other hand, Blue Mountain, which is listed as World Heritage Site, is also surrounded by numerous beautiful landscapes. If you like nature and grass, please don’t hesitate but go there and shoot your pre-wedding photo on the top of the Blue Mountain.


Australia Overseas Pre Wedding Photo Shooting

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– Makeup and hair style

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– All high resolution photos

– 30 pcs photo retouch

– 8 x 12” 20 Pages wedding album

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