Okinawa Ginoza Chapel – a chapel with nice beach, breathtaking Seaview and gorgeous garden!

“Would you prefer to have an expensive and ostentatious wedding with lots of guests or just a simple one?” Well, being a minimalist, I just want everything to be simple and quiet because it makes things and life much better in many ways.


It’s wedding mania for me now since I’ve been to two weddings these years already (my best friends’ and my relatives’ wedding) and both are destination weddings (Overseas wedding). I always go back and forth between the romantic and financial allure of a destination wedding vs a black-tie traditional wedding, but badly as in, no love ones here by my side now, so no need for me to worry so much (with a wry :(…)


If you do have a Mr. Right/Mrs. Right by your side, a destination wedding could be one of the best options for you, which can involve just the two of you with a select handful of family and friends and constitute a bona fide week-long family vacation.

If you are searching for nice wedding destinations, you may find that the scenery around your local banquet hall can be pretty limiting. But open the options to, say, Japan Ginoza Chapel, it will be a totally different option and you will get the makings of some epic shots here.

Why choose Japan Ginoza Chapel for a destination wedding? Just standing in front of the Ginoza Chapel, the beach in the front is shaped like a shepherd’s hook of gold, with a jewel-blue sky, breathtaking seaview and gorgeous garden. You can see that there is a reason why Ginoza Chapel is always favoured by many newlyweds.

You may ask: but what makes Ginoza Chapel so special?


The architect, Mr. Otsuka, is the representative of Ginoza Chapel’s overall planning and design. He made good use of the natural beauty of Okinawa, creating a modern, aesthetic and beautiful church in Japan Gino. This chapel is surrounded by forests, garden, sea and beach, which create a postcard-like landscape, with the beauty of tranquillity and nature.

The banquet hall named ‘Beach Terrace’ is just next to the chapel, which is exceptionally convenient.


The basic information of Ginoza Chapel

Church capacity: Maximum 64 guests

Wedding time/period: 0900/1100/1400*/1600

Free upgrade service: bridal bouquet, silk flower, live music, free transportation (only in Enna Village)


*No banquet is provided in this period.


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