Overseas Wedding 2021∣Japan? Guam? Thailand? 6 recommended Wedding Destinations for you

Are you having troubles on holding a wedding? It could be a very troublesome event when you thought of inviting all your relatives and friends and hustling around at that night. Don’t mention the remaining items as you already have a headache……

You will love to hold an overseas wedding if you prefer a simpler, relaxing and chill wedding just for the two of you. What’s more? You can go travelling with your dearest family and closest friends which is totally different from the ordinary style!

Overseas wedding companies can definitely help you out from all those troubles. Some of them even get the Travel Agents Registry, which save you a lot of time.

I have some recommendations for those who are planning on having a overseas wedding in 2021.

Japan and Thailand are two of the most popular destinations. No matter travelling or holding a wedding, they are always the top-picks. It may due to its locational advantage (short flying distance from hk), and the lower spending there. The variated styles of chapels there such as the beachy vibe, the tranquil forest and western ambience, are available for couples.

 Karuizawa Pierre Matiada Chapel

Capacity: 80 guests

Time of ceremony: no limits

Free upgrades: Hotel of 2 days, 50 photos as an extra, live music, fresh bouquet and boutonniere

Nice lighting brings nice photos. The glass component allows natural light to shine into the chapel and add a touch of warmth.

Karuizawa, known as the “Little Switzerland”, has a very accessible location which is connected with JR. Also, the Prince Hotel, being the owner of the Pierre Matiada Chapel, offers free shuttles, as well as other facilities like spa and skiing centre.

If you want a chill wedding, the Pierre Matiada Chapel is definitely the best choice for you!

Hokkaido Hokkaido Water Chapel

Capacity: 80 guests

Time of ceremony: 1000/1300/1600/1900

Free upgrades: Live music, flower shower, toasting champagne(for 15 people)

*extra fee for wedding at night

The running and flowing water accompanied by the magnificent forest’s view give us a sense of being embraced by the nature. In Hokkaido Water Chapel, you are able to feel this sensation while having your wedding here.

When the dusk comes, candles will be lighted. The warm and moving flames will be reflected on the mirror-liked surface of a lake nearby.

The view changes from day to night in the Water Chapel. No matter when, it is still captivating.

Okinawa Seragaki Chapel

Capacity: 40 guests

Time of ceremony: 9000/1030*/1230*/1400/1600

Free upgrades: Live music, fresh bouquet and boutonniere

What is your comfort colour ? For me, it has to be the warm and cozy wooden brown. Many of my friends love the white colour because it is clean and spotless, it seems perfect. So, how about the combination of wooden brown and white? Accompanied by the crystal clear glass ceiling , everything is well settled for a wedding!

Seragaki Island is surrounded by the sea in the west coast of Osaka,in particular,  next to Onna. Seragaki Island is linked to the city centre by a bridge. In here, you will be able to enjoy both the tranquil remoteness and convenient transport.  

If you want a warm and cozy sweet wedding, Seragaki Chapel is definitely your choice!

Osaka Osaka Castle Garden Wedding

Style: Modern

Capacity: 104 guests

Attractions: Keep Tower, Nishi-no-Maru Garden

Location: Osaka-Jō in Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan

You can enjoy the beautiful pink blossoms in Osaka Garden Park while having an outdoor wedding there. Several historic sites can be spotted from the broad and magnificent grassland.

The most unique thing of this venue is that the view changes all the time. When summer arrives, sunlight shines on the green grass and it appears shimmering. The touch of green enlightens the whole wedding. Later it comes to Spring, flower blossoms can be spotted everywhere you go. What a romantic scene!

Guam Crystal Chapel

Capacity: 40 guests

Time of ceremony: 9000/1030/1200/1330/1500/1630

Hotel: Hotel Nikko Guam

Free upgrades: 50 photos as an extra

Being named as the “ Island of Love”, Guam is filled with a sense of romance wherever you go. I can almost feel that love is in the air!

Your fascination can all be fulfilled here. The reason I said so because Crystal Chapel looks like a glass castle from the tales we read when we were small! The bridal room, the banquet hall are well decorated, which are adorable enough to be the backgrounds of your wedding photos.

If you are looking for a modern and bohemian style, Crystal Chapel is obviously inside your list!

ThailandPhuket Anantara Garden Wedding

The peak seasons arrive once November comes, and it lasts for nearly half a year. The main reasons behind its popularity are that there are uncountable beaches and sub-aqua activities for tourists to have fun and enjoy their holidays. You can take diving courses here to observe the lively marine world, you can book a boat out to the sea and try fishing with your friends.

Imagine you are having an outdoor wedding in Phuket, Being embraced by the coconut trees, the crystal clear water and the shimmering golden sand. What’s more?  You can even enjoy the facilities of the Anantara Mai Khao Hotel! Its grand and chilling vibe lures me to hold my wedding there.

*One last thing to remind you all, you can register legally in Japan, Thailand and Guam to get the certificates. How convenient it is!