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Hong Kongers love to hold overseas wedding. Do you know why?

It’s because holding a destination wedding is way easier and less troublesome than having a wedding ceremony here in Hong Kong! Besides, cool couples would love to have an extraordinary wedding which breaks through those traditional habits and frames. Nowadays, people desire to have a personalized and a unique wedding so as to create their own unforgettable memories. If you are ones of those “cool kids”, having a destination wedding would definitely be an apt choice for you!

If you want to have a carefree planning for your overseas wedding, you can find an overseas wedding company to seek assistance. There are companies out there equipped with professionals and passionate staff.

Your Overseas Wedding provides you with things you need when holding a destination wedding.

First, a 3-in-1 service.

We are honored to help you to plan for your overseas wedding, honeymoon, as well as your trip! Being a licensed wedding company and travel agency, we sincerely hope to provide you with our promising service that you need not to have doubts but with full trust.

If you want to hold a destination wedding in Okinawa, Hokkaido. Karuizawa, Guam or whatever places, please feel free to contact us and ask for more information! We believed that our passion can assist you well in your wedding planning, photo-taking and hotel or flight booking.

Second, professional photographers.

We have a crew to serve you in the destination you decided to have your wedding photo shooting. All photographers are experienced and professional who worth trusting. The sweet and happy moment can be captured and kept for later recollection. The wedding album will be delivered to newlyweds after 8 weeks in CD form. Perhaps you can even show the wonderful album to your kids, friends and family! “See what we’ve done for love! ”

Third, a great variety of wedding venue to choose from.

With our over-10-years’ experience, we have prepared a number of churches and chapels for newlyweds to choose from. There are popular chapels we have been working with for years all around the world, such as Japan(including Okinawa, Hokkaido, Karuizawa and many others), Guam, and many other Asian and European countries. FYI, places such as New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Prague, Paris and Ireland are within our service list! If you are interested in these countries, either destination wedding or wedding photo shooting, please come and find us without hesitation.

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Fourth, support you with a team of passionate and well-equipped people.

Our team members provide assistance to you in order to design a personalized and well-fitted destination wedding plan. We have teams to help you with your destinations wedding, staff includes make-up artists, hair dressers and translators will be ready to offer their kindest help. A romantic and fascinating wedding can definitely let your dreams come true.

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If you are obsessed with pretty beaches, blue seas and azure skies, you would be enchanted by Guam and Japan, especially Okinawa. If you would love to hold a stylish wedding Hokkaido and Karuizawa would be suitable.

1.Japan- Okinawa Wedding

Ocean lovers can have a romantic wedding in Okinawa. There are chapels themed in glass walls, wooden setting, as well as chalky white. The chapels are embraced by the pleasant and bright sunrise with the blossoming greenery, accompanied by the serene ocean. You can enjoy all these wonderful views through the crystal-clear glass. The warm and cozy setting, accompanied by the blue sea and sky without boundaries is your first-pick when considering a destination wedding in Japan for those summer vibe lover. With the endless and breathtaking sea view, you will have an unforgettable moment in Okinawa!

There are some popular chapels in Okinawa. If you want to have a great view of sea and sky as backgrounds for your wedding, or to have a chill banquet after the ceremony in a grand hall near to the chapels for convenience, you may have a look on the following suggestions.

Chapel recommendation: Ginoza Chapel, Arluis Suite, Seragaki Chapel.

Ginoza Chapel

Ginoza Chapel is the masterpiece that combined the modern architecture by master architect Sin Ohori, with the beauty of nature. Other than the privacy you can enjoy, the silence and tranquility are also bonus points which sound attractive.

Arluis Suite

Located next to the beautiful beach in Okinawa, Arluis Suite is the dependable chapel closest to Onna-son Area. Couples will walk through the road of holiness made with Ryukyu Glasswork and turn to a new and even happier chapter of their lives.

Seragaki Chapel

When it comes to wooden buildings, most people may think of words like “tradition”, “nostalgia” and “nature”. On the island of Okinawa, there is a wooden church called ‘Seragaki Chapel’. The theme of this church’s design is ‘combination’, which symbolizes the combinations of newlyweds and their family members, becoming a whole new family and starting a new life.

Legal marriage in Okinawa, Japan

Newlyweds can register for marriage legally in Okinawa and they don’t need to do any other registration procedures when returning to Hong Kong. It is time-saving and avoids the tedious procedures. They can obtain a certificate issued by the Japanese government, which is recognized by the Hong Kong government.

2.Japan- Hokkaido Wedding

There are popular and unique chapels inside Hokkaido Tomamu resort, distanced from New Chitose Airport around 60 minutes by JR. If you hold a wedding here in the tomamu resort, you will be able to get the most unforgettable overseas wedding experience.

The chapels there also provide with visitors the shuttle bus service at the JR.

What to do after the wedding ceremony?

I have some best recommendations for you and your beloved one!

First thing first—don’t miss the great facilities within the Tomamu Resort area! The Tomamu Resort is a prominent place for honeymoon.

You can also go sight-seeing and adventure in Hokkaido!

The sea of clouds, forests and canoeing are best activities during your honeymoon.

Chapel recommendation: Ice Chapel, Water chapel.

Ice Chapel

Ice Chapel is the only chapel in Japan constructed by natural ice blocks. Under the snowing sky in Winter, together with the companionship of the gorgeous twinkling stars and flawlessly white land, those shining beams reflected from the transparent ice will embrace you and your beloved one in that treasurable evening.

Water chapel

The running and flowing water accompanied by the magnificent forest’s view give us a sense of being embraced by the nature. In Hokkaido Water Chapel, you are able to feel this sensation while having your wedding here.

When the dusk comes, candles will be lighted. The warm and moving flames will be reflected on the mirror-liked surface of a lake nearby.

The view changes from day to night in the Water Chapel. No matter when, it is still captivating.

3.Japan- Karuizawa Wedding

Have you ever imagined holding a wedding under the beautiful Sakura blossom? Or with the companion of golden brown maple leaves, even the romantic and magnificent snow? If you are ones of the nature lovers, Karuizawa would be an apt choice for your destination wedding!

Karuizawa, known as “Little Switzerland”, is located at the bottom of Mount Asama. The altitude is 1000 meters. It is a highland resort which is near Tokyo. The view here is very stunning in all four seasons: you can go cycling under pretty birch trees in spring and summer; you can go for a jog under red leaves in autumn; you can see the breathtaking snow view and go skiing in winter. Many couples and newlyweds come and take romantic wedding pictures because of the beautiful scenery in Karuizawa.

Chapel recommendation: Stone Chapel, Kogen Chapel

Stone Chapel

Stone Church includes five elements “Stone, Sunlight, Water, Green and Wood” as the concept of “Church in Nature”. The arches of glass allow the sunlight come into the church, couples could enjoy the nature spotlight during the wedding ceremony.

The stones and glasses are stacked and the entire church is full of green plants, flowing water and soft light.

Kogen Chapel

Kogen Church was designed and built in1921, which has a meaningful and unique background before it was revitalized and turned into a romantic venue for holding wedding ceremonies. The wooden ceiling inside the chapel exudes a faint wood scent, and the windows in the front exude soft sunlight slowly.

Kogen Church and Stone Church are literally the best places where your dreams would come true.

Why I said so?

It’s because both churches are located in a quiet forest of Hotel Bleston Court site. Located in a private place, newlyweds would be able to enjoy your time without the worries of being disturbed by tourists. You can enjoy high degree of privacy there.

4.Guam wedding

Being named as the “ Island of Love”, Guam is filled with a sense of romance wherever you go. I can almost feel that love is in the air! You can feel the summer and relaxing vibe there. Evergreen plants and colorful flowers, clear sky and magnificent water…… those things you want to capture with your own eyes. Also, locals are nice and full of hospitality, newlyweds can enjoy a romantic wedding and a relaxing honeymoon here with their warm and thorough service.

Chapel recommendation: Crystal Chapel, Aqua Stella Chapel, Rainbow Chapel.

Crystal Chapel

Crystal Chapel looks like a glass castle from the tales we read when we were small! The bridal room, the banquet hall are well decorated, which are adorable enough to be the backgrounds of your wedding photos.

If you are looking for a modern and bohemian style, Crystal Chapel is obviously inside your list!

Aqua Stella Chapel

Your fascination can all be fulfilled here. The reason I said so because it looks like a castle that those elegant princesses would live in.

Rainbow Chapel (available for same-sex marriage)

Rainbow Chapel is famous for its rainbow element. It looks like a rainbow crossed over the water surface. It is also available for Same-sex marriage which many couples are interested because of its meaningful theme. 

We are honored to present you with our passion and sincerity. If you are longing for an overseas wedding, please feel free to find us for help! Your Overseas Wedding is a licensed wedding company as well as a travel agency. We have experienced and patient wedding planners to offer our kindest help, just hoping to make the once-in-a lifetime wedding of you and your beloved one flawless, astonishing and unforgettable. It will be our pleasure to assist you in your destination wedding, wedding photo taking, last but not least, also hotel and flight booking. Your Overseas Wedding is looking forward to meeting you and your beloved one!

For more information, you can contact us through (852)8102 2243 or the links down below. Our wedding planners would give a thorough reply as soon as possible.



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