Getting married abroad – Ideas for your overseas wedding

Getting married abroad – Ideas for your overseas wedding

Getting married aboard takes a little more planning but a lot more surprises, a grater sense of fun and freedom for your wedding trip, and it may save your money for your wedding expenses too.

Legal recognition and documents

Contact us to make sure which documents are needed for legal registration. Some couples may suggest to have symbolic wedding ceremony because they would like to have their wedding registration in motherland. You may check with our wedding planner and plan the rundown and schedule for your wedding trip and registration~


It’s always a good idea to visit the location of where you’re getting married abroad before booking anything. Check out venues, talk to wedding suppliers and find out exactly what is possible within the time and budget you have.


When setting a date, check whether it falls in the hurricane, monsoon or very hot dry season. Prices can vary a great deal between low and high season.


Most couples who are getting married abroad cite saving money as the main reason for their decision. Couple may provide the budget amount they would plan to have and wedding planner to make a plan under your budget, so to make sure your wedding would be easily affordable.

Wedding planner

A good wedding planner will often have established relationships with local suppliers and can obtain better deals than if you go direct. Wedding planner would carefully design the wedding plan with your consideration and make your wedding job do easier. Their advice on what is and isn’t possible will also help to make the whole process seamless and fun.


The number of guests is quite important for you to consider the wedding place. Since you may have to consideration of car rental or self-driving matters, and you may have to plan the activities for guests along the trip if there are lots of guests. Ask your family and friends about their comments to different countries would be a great preparation before overseas wedding plan if you would invite guests.

Are you planning on getting married abroad? Let’s visit our official website and open the door to overseas wedding plan~


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