【Japan Okinawa】Voyage De Lumiere Chapel, a chapel embraced by bright sky and serene ocean that you cannot miss!

Fond of an Okinawa wedding?

Yearning for an once-in-a-lifetime wedding with your beloved one by a beach?

Once saw the boundless azure ocean in Okinawa, you will never forget it.

Ocean lovers can have a romantic wedding in Okinawa. There are chapels themed in glass walls, wooden setting, as well as chalky white. The chapels are embraced by the pleasant and bright sunrise with the blossoming greenery, accompanied by the serene ocean. You can enjoy all these wonderful views through the crystal-clear glass. The warm and cozy setting, together with the blue sea and sky without boundaries is your first-pick when considering a destination wedding in Japan for those summer vibe lover. With the endless and breathtaking sea view, you will have an unforgettable moment in Okinawa!

What’s good about having an overseas wedding in Okinawa?

You can have a legal marriage in Okinawa, Japan!

Newlyweds can register for marriage legally in Okinawa and they don’t need to do any other registration procedures when returning to Hong Kong. It is time-saving and avoids the tedious procedures. They can obtain a certificate issued by the Japanese government, which is recognized by the Hong Kong government.

Things you have to prepare……

If you are looking for overseas wedding companies to help you manage all the administration, you have to provide a few things to them, including HKID card, passport, birth certificate and Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record.  

A great variety of chapels for you to choose from!

There are some popular chapels in Okinawa. If you want to have a great view of sea and sky as backgrounds for your wedding, or to have a chill banquet after the ceremony in a grand hall near to the chapels for convenience, perhaps even a beach or a populated tourists’ spot nearby,  you may have a look on the following suggestion!.

The astonishing American Village!


The American Village is a place filled with a strong American vibe. Neon lights, the ferris wheel, outdoor café or restaurants, and western building style. It all stem from the fact that Okinawa had once been ruled by USA after the Second World War, hence some typical American style structures can be found here inside the Amerika-mura, so-called the American Village.

Amerika-mura is an area just west of the Shinsaibashi shopping district that has for over 40 years been a well-known center of Japanese youth culture. It is a popular tourists’ spot but unexpectedly not very crowded. Within this small area there are over 2,000 stores selling local and imported fashions, cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Everything is centered on Sankaku Koen Park, a triangular concrete plaza and popular local hang-out where young people gather to show off their unique styles and discover the latest trends. For example, you can find movie centres, American chain stores and some other theme-park facilities. Also, souvenir shops, drugstore shops and boutique can be found there.

There is a famous Sunset Beach nearby at which you and your lover can enjoy a short walk barefooted and hands tightly held.  If you are lucky enough, you can be able to capture the wonderful view of sunset. Watching the bright orangey red sun sinks down to the ocean, with sky dyed into an indigo tone is such a romantic scene to capture.


It takes 40 minutes to drive from Naha Airport to the American Village (Amerika-mura).

  • Public transportation: It is recommended to take public transportation when visiting Amerikamura, as the streets are narrow and crowded with people.
  • On foot: It takes roughly three minutes on foot to Amerikamura from Shinsai-bashi station of the Midosuji Line and the Nagahori-tsurumi-ryokuchi Line and Yotsubashi station of the Yotsubashi Line of the Osaka Municipal Subway.
  • On foot: It takes about seven minutes from Namba station from the Midosuji Line, the Yotsuhashi Line and the Sennichimae Line.

(FYI, there is a parking lot for providing free parking service to approximately 1500 cars.)  

Contact: 098-926-5678

The Voyage De Lumiere Chapel

in which you and your guests can soak up into the romantic and relaxing ambiance.

Have you ever thought of how should an ideal place for holding your own wedding look like? Is it with a grand wedding hall? Or a long, long virgin aisle with chairs on both sides which allows family and friends to present gazes with blessing and wishes to you?

The glass walls and reflective mirrors used in the Voyage De Lumiere Chapel are smartly designed to allow natural light to shine through so as to brighten up the whole ceremony hall.

The Voyage De Lumiere Chapel is located next to the American Village. Having the beautiful Sunset beach nearby, this chapel gains fame because of its wonderful view you can be able to see from the chapel, as well as the great natural view you can have for backgrounds during your wedding.

This chapel is of very high accessibility. The American Village is next to it hence many newlyweds love to take photos there.

You can take a series of memorable wedding photo here on the romantic and western-styled streets which are filled with love.

The doors and reception of the Chapel

These parts are in golden and chalky-white setting with creates a magnificent ambience.

Guest room

Guest rooms are well-decorated in an elegant and grand theme. Every chair and table is designed with profession and mindfulness.

Spacey bridal room

There are comfortable and spaced bridal rooms for brides to get prepared with their hair and make-up.


Fine dinning is provided here. If you hope to hold a banquet after the ceremony, the varied menu and dishes must be sufficient for you to choose from.  

Voyage De Lumiere Chapel

Capacity: 50 guests

Wedding Time: 0900/1030*/1200/1330/1500/1630*/1800

Location: Campana Okinawa Vessel Hotel in American Village, Okinawa

Hotel recommendation: Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa / Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort

*Must arrange a banquet for weekend weddings

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