【Karuizawa】The Enchanted Kogen & Stone Church

Have you ever imagined holding a wedding under the beautiful Sakura blossom? Or with the companion of golden brown maple leaves, even the romantic and magnificent snow?

Kogen Church and Stone Church are literally the best places where your dreams would come true.

Why I said so?

It’s because both churches are located in a quiet forest of Hotel Bleston Court site. Located in a private place, newlyweds would be able to enjoy your time without the worries of being disturbed by tourists. You can enjoy high degree of privacy here. Other than that, the designer’s cottage at hotel Bleston Court was awarded “’Good Design Prize” in 2008.

What’s more?

There are loads of facilities here in the resort which can definitely amaze you. Perhaps you will have not enough of time enjoying the wonderful and relaxing facilities here specially designed for the guests. Hot springs, Harunire Terrace and skating rinks……

If you are hoping to hold a banquet after the wedding ceremony, there are a lot of choices provided for you to choose from!

-Kogen Church- Information

Capacity: 80 guests

Wedding Time: 1000/1200/1500/1700

Free Upgrade: Honeymoon room with breakfast for 2 nights, live wedding music, behind-the-scene shooting, rice shower.

Kogen Church was designed and built in1921, which has a meaningful and unique background before it was revitalized and turned into a romantic venue for holding wedding ceremonies.

Kogen Church, formerly known as Hoshino Academy(星野學堂), has been a traditional chapel for more than 90 years. Newlyweds are now attracted by its vintage and cozy theme to decide to have their weddings here at Kogen Church.

With the companion of the beautiful live music performance, together with the beams of soft natural sunlight shining through the transparent glass windows, a natural, warm and romantic atmosphere is created.

The wooden ceiling inside the chapel exudes a faint wood scent, and the windows in the front exude soft sunlight slowly. It creates a natural and warm atmosphere with beautiful live music performance.

When the newlyweds walk down the aisle, they can see the beam of light which symbolizes they will have a bright future. After receiving the blessing from the priest, newlyweds can start a splendid life together.

-Stone Church- Information

Capacity: 40 guests

Wedding Time: 1030/1230/1530/1730

Free Upgrade: Honeymoon room with breakfast for 2 nights, live wedding music, behind-the-scene shooting, rice shower

The Stone Church, also known as the Uchimura Kanzo Memorial, was built by the renowned American architect Kendrick Kellogg. He is good at integrating different elements of nature into the building, in other words, he harmonize with surrounding nature. He cleverly uses the surrounding forests as the setting for the stone church which creates a romantic and peaceful atmosphere.

The architect wants to stress the importance of mutual support between the groom and bride and this concept is used in the design of the church. Stone represents men while glass represents women.

Stone Church includes five elements “Stone, Sunlight, Water, Green and Wood” as the concept of “Church in Nature”. The arches of glass allow the sunlight come into the church, couples could enjoy the nature spotlight during the wedding ceremony.

The stones and glasses are stacked and the entire church is full of green plants, flowing water and soft light. Everyone can feel the joy of Karuizawa wedding because the environment can cleanse our soul and heart.


It takes only 1 hour by JR from Tokyo to this church. Free shuttle bus service is also provided for the newlyweds and guests.

Wedding banquet after the wedding ceremony

Delicious Shinshu cuisine to share!

After the unforgettable wedding ceremony, newlyweds and guests can celebrate together at the banquet. The hotel of the Stone Church is equipped with comprehensive banquet services. Mouthwatering cuisine will be prepared by the experienced chefs whom the cooking skills are extraordinary.

Choice of wedding venue

No one’s Recipe

The banquet serves French cuisine with local characteristics. A large balcony is outside the hall, in which the guests can see the stunning view in the garden.

Capacity: 36

Gable House

There is a stylish banquet hall with an open kitchen and a private garden. Newlyweds and guests can have free-style happy hours here.

Capacity: 80

Forestgate Gallery

It is in the lobby of the hotel. The ballroom can accommodate more guests and the elegant decoration highlights the natural beauty of Karuizawa.

Capacity: 74

Let me give you some tips on the planning of your honeymoon!

Four Seasons in Karuizawa

Spring: April-May

If you want to have a sweet honeymoon companied with the pinky and rosy Sakura, you should plan your wedding during April! One more extra tip: 15-25 May would be the best time to capture the Sakura blossom!

Summer: June-September

You will be able to enjoy nice weather if you visit Karuizawa during this period. Green leaves would be the best shooting backgrounds for the wedding photos.

Autumn: Mid October- November

Golden brown leaves can be found all over the streets starting from mid-October to mid-November . Those fallen leaves decorate the whole environment and fill it with a cozy and romantic feeling. “Love is in the air”.

Winter: December-March

Starting from January, snow can be found occasionally. If you are hoping to hold a white wedding, the snowing time is strongly suggested to be taken into your consideration.

Karuizawa – Little Switzerland in Japan

Karuizawa, known as “Little Switzerland”, is located at the bottom of Mount Asama. The altitude is 1000 meters. It is a highland resort which is near Tokyo. The view here is very stunning throughout all four seasons: you can go cycling under pretty birch trees in spring and summer; you can go for a jog under red leaves in autumn; you can see the breathtaking snow view and go skiing in winter. Many couples and newlyweds come and take romantic wedding pictures because of the beautiful scenery in Karuizawa.

Tombo-no-yu Hot Spring Bath (Oshino Onsen)

It is discovered in1914, the Hoshino Hot Springs have been dearly loved by cultural figures and those with second homes in the area. Here offers unique facilities, compete with a spacious indoor bath and open air bath and serviced with superior quality water flowing from natural springs.

Harunire Terrace

Ekm trees are all over the street side. Newlyweds can take the time to have a walk here. You can also have a look on the local specialties sold by the local people. Newlyweds can soak up in the atmosphere and enjoy the peaceful and chill atmosphere there. Perhaps you and your beloved one can create some unforgettable memories here. Holding hands tightly to walk or jog with a relaxing vibe down the Harunire Terrace can be the most romantic scene worths capturing.

KERA-IKE Skating Rinks

The Kera-Ike skating rinks usually open in October. During its opening period, the skis and skates can be rented for enjoying your precious time there having fun. In Karuizawa, you can dance with your spouse on the milky and ivory flawless white ice.

Please come and visit our official website and contact us for further information of Karuizawa Wedding. Sure you will have a relaxing honeymoon and an amazing wedding ceremony in there~

Your Overseas Wedding 以細膩心思與熱誠態度,在遍佈全球的浪漫熱點,為您們締造最難忘甜蜜的海外婚禮及婚照拍攝回憶。不論是日本、關島、韓國、峇里、澳洲、泰國、布拉格、希臘、夏威夷、上海、香港及澳門,我們的當地專業攝影師以美學角度為新人拍攝浪漫獨特的婚照,令新人深深感受當地文化。我們於拍攝後亦更會提供所有高解像度照片,沒有額外收費,讓新人盡享美麗浪漫回憶。

本公司為韓國觀光公社及關島觀光局的支持機構,亦曾與泰國政府旅遊局舉辦多項婚禮推廣活動,其後更榮獲澳洲旅局頒發「澳洲旅遊專家」之殊榮。此外,我們也獲得香港生產力促進局與ESDlife「優質婚禮商戶」之嘉許,並榮獲婚禮雜誌「新婚通訊」頒發的新人至 Like 海外婚禮大獎,讓新人可放心把婚照拍攝及海外婚禮交給我們統籌。

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