Recommendation on Overseas Wedding


Recommendation on Overseas Wedding

In Asia, we highly recommend Guam, Okinawa and Hokkaido in Japan. Guam is the wedding paradise in Asia while Okinawa and Hokkaido have beautiful natural scenery. In Europe, we suggest you to have your romantic wedding ceremony in Prague and Santorini, Greece. We also recommend passionate Golden Coast in Australia, and the famous vacation site Hawaii, to have your unforgettable wedding and honeymoon.


In order to bring an extraordinary treasure and magical moment to every couple, Your Overseas Wedding offers the most professional wedding photography service at different sparkling locations. All the packages aim to deliver the most instant, professional and affordable packages to you. You are most welcome to book an appointment with us, so that we can share sophisticated travel and wedding planning experience with you and your love.


Your Overseas Wedding is dedicated to provide unforgettable wedding ceremony and pre- wedding photo shooting experience to all couples. With our enthusiasm and extensive worldwide network in Japan, Guam, Korea, Bali, Australia, Thailand, Prague, Greece, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau, our passionate overseas teams and professional photographers are able to capture every romantic moment as well as bring unique memories to couples. In addition, we will provide all high resolution photos without any hidden cost, so couples will savor all the sweet memories among their lives.

Your Overseas Wedding is fully supported by Tourism Australia, Korea Tourism Organization and Guam Visitors Bureau. We had hosted different wedding events with Tourism Authority of Thailand and awarded by Tourism Australia as “Aussie Specialist”. Our company has passed the audition of Hong Kong Productivity Council and has been officially appointed as “Quality Wedding Merchant” of the ESDlife. We were also awarded by the leading wedding magazine – Wedding Message as “Super Like Overseas Wedding Expert”. This makes Your Overseas Wedding being a more well-known and promising company.

If you would like to learn more about us, please feel free to call us at (852)8102 2243. Our professional wedding planner and specialists are very pleased to share our experience with you.



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