White Dove Bali – A stylish and holy wedding

White Dove Bali – A stylish and holy wedding


The White Dove, a Wedding Chapel opening in the Summer of 2014 is the ultimate destination wedding venue perched high on the cliffs of Bali’s southernmost peninsular. With three hundred ornamental white doves placed on the side of the chapel and offering romantic vistas of the Indian Ocean, it is the perfect backdrop to celebrate one of life’s happiest moments.


Designed by Sardjono Sani, The White Dove is a breathtakingly beautiful sanctuary to host wedding nuptials and special events. White doves were incorporated into the design to represent peace, love, harmony and purity. The architecturally stunning pyramid-like structure features elegant glass doors, and seamless windows.

The White Dove is contemporary-styled and an ultra-luxurious setting for couples seeking a romantic and unforgettable wedding experience. With our professional wedding arrangement and photo shooting, sure you will have the best memorable moment in your life. Let’s check our official website and ask us for details~!




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