New Zealand Pre-wedding Photography

Where should be the ideal destination for taking wedding photos? Umm…Shooting in Hong Kong? Seems not very special; How about Europe? Seems too many tourists and newlyweds there; Southeast Asia? I have been to Thailand and Indonesia, and found that Southeast Asia countries are very vibrant and lively, but I prefer a serene place for shooting wedding photos. Therefore, I decided to go to New Zealand to take pre-wedding photos! It is always my dream to find a pure, comfortable and pure place to take wedding photos. In our eyes, New Zealand is just like a ‘land of happiness’, which is also one of the most pure lands in the world!


What is so special about New Zealand? Why is it favored by many newlyweds? Thanks to the lack of development and reclamation, there are barely shopping malls or industrial areas at the South Island of New Zealand, retaining the simplicity and beauty of nature. There are many famous wedding photography locations in New Zealand, such as Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka and Tekapo. How about the background of the wedding photos? You can shoot your wedding photos in a wide spectrum of styles and elements, for example churches, woods, gardens, lakeside, snowy mountains, autumn leaves, farms and roads. Shooting gorgeous pre-wedding photos in New Zealand will be the top of your wish list!


The following wedding photos are taken in the aforementioned destinations/locations:


Standing next to this beautiful lake, you realise that how clear the lake is, which is like a mirror. It feels like being embraced by the bright sunshine and snow-capped mountains and the scenery is always there regardless of the seasons and weather.

High Mountain

Standing on the snow-capped mountains with you wife/husband, you can the breathtaking view underneath the mountains, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Flower Sea

I always love the sea of flowers, especially the cherry blossom and sunflowers. You can sit in the flower sea, embracing your beloved one and enjoying the serenity of the nature. It is no surprise that if this is one of the most colourful and romantic pre-wedding photo you will ever have.


In Hong Kong, it is really difficult to find a road without cars, people and commercial buildings for taking photos. But New Zealand is a totally different place and you can take tonnes of gorgeous pre-wedding photos without cars and tourists behind easily.


If you like nature and any place which is peaceful and serene, I am sure that you will fall in love with New Zealand! Come to New Zealand for your pre-wedding photography, which will create the memorable moments in your life!

New Zealand Pre-wedding Photography Services

Carefree photo shooting booking and logistics arrangement

Graceful bridal hair and makeup service

Borrow of wedding gown (2 sets) and tuxedo (1 set)

Borrow of bouquet and wedding accessory with necklace, earring and headdress

New Zealand professional photographer services

Full day photography session

Spectacular shooting locations with unique features

Fully edited and retouched of 30 masters shoots

Premium photo shooting service (around 150 pcs)

Elegant wedding album – 20 pages / size around: 8×12 inch

DVD containing all high resolution digital photos

Private car and included all transportation costs


Your Overseas Wedding is fully supported by Tourism Australia, Korea Tourism Organization and Guam Visitors Bureau. We had hosted different wedding events with Tourism Authority of Thailand and awarded by Tourism Australia as “Aussie Specialist”. Our company has passed the audition of Hong Kong Productivity Council and has been officially appointed as “Quality Wedding Merchant” of the ESDlife. We were also awarded by the leading wedding magazine – Wedding Message as “Super Like Overseas Wedding Expert”. This makes Your Overseas Wedding being a more well-known and promising company.


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新西蘭婚紗攝影 New Zealand Pre-wedding Photography



新西蘭有什麼特別之處?由於開發較少,新西蘭南島少了工商業的氣息,保留了大自然的純樸和美麗。新西蘭著名的婚紗攝影地點多不勝數,例如皇后鎮、箭鎮、 瓦納卡、蒂卡波等地。在新西蘭拍攝婚紗照,背景元素也很多,例如有教堂,有樹林,有花園,有奇景,有湖畔,有雪山,有秋葉;談到新西蘭婚攝,就少不了湖邊、山頂、農場、公路上作背景。到多個風格迥異的場景拍攝婚照,可謂精彩紛呈的回憶。

























Your Overseas Wedding 以細膩心思與熱誠態度,在遍佈全球的浪漫熱點,為您們締造最難忘甜蜜的海外婚禮及婚照拍攝回憶。不論是日本、關島、韓國、峇里、澳洲、泰國、布拉格、希臘、夏威夷、上海、香港及澳門,我們的當地專業攝影師以美學角度為新人拍攝浪漫獨特的婚照,令新人深深感受當地文化。我們於拍攝後亦更會提供所有高解像度照片,沒有額外收費,讓新人盡享美麗浪漫回憶。

本公司為韓國觀光公社及關島觀光局的支持機構,亦曾與泰國政府旅遊局舉辦多項婚禮推廣活動,其後更榮獲澳洲旅局頒發「澳洲旅遊專家」之殊榮。此外,我們也獲得香港生產力促進局與ESDlife「優質婚禮商戶」之嘉許,並榮獲婚禮雜誌「新婚通訊」頒發的新人至 Like 海外婚禮大獎,讓新人可放心把婚照拍攝及海外婚禮交給我們統籌。

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